Attention GHC members: you can use your wellness reimbursement for doula care! More info.

Labor and Birth Doula

Our first “get to know you” meeting is provided at no cost.  If you decide to retain me, we will have a prenatal meeting to review your birth plan, and give us a chance to talk in detail about your preferences regarding your birth.  I consider my "on call" period for a birth to be from two weeks before a due date to until you give birth.  I provide:

  • Information and support during pregnancy
  • 1-2 in-home prenatal meetings, depending on the family's needs and wants
  • Continuous emotional and physical support during labor and birth, at your home and/or your place of birth
  • Referrals for community services and support
  • Assist with preparation of your birth plan
  • Non-pharmacological pain management techniques during labor
  • Immediate breastfeeding support
  • 1-2 in-home postpartum meeting
  • Referrals to more specialized community resources and ongoing support
I am now contracting for doula services through Beautiful Birth in order to provide enhanced back-up coverage for the families I serve. For more information, please visit my page on the Beautiful Birth website. I am proud to be working with these amazing women!

Doula for Cesarean Birth

If you and your doctor deem a planned cesarean delivery to be the best route for your birth, you may decide to still utilize my services.  Based on your desires, I will be available at the hospital for the birth (either in the operating room or waiting room) and available to help initiate breastfeeding and answer questions after delivery.  In this case, I will be available for up to two postpartum visits in the three weeks following birth.  

Individual Childbirth Education

Individual childbirth education can be provided to expectant parents and the partner of their choice based on a schedule which fits your needs.  Topics can be customized based on your level of knowledge, previous birth experience, and specific concerns.  Please contact us for more information.

Group Childbirth Education Classes

Group classes are a six week, twelve hour series which covers preparing for labor and birth, anatomy and physiology, pain and pain management, hospital procedures and common interventions, labor variations, the postpartum period, and breastfeeding.  Watch this space for upcoming classes, and contact us if you are interested in upcoming group classes.

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